Industry leading organizations announce second modality-specific proficiency test for radiology coders

Powder Springs, GAApril 19, 2016 The Radiology Coding Certification Board (RCCB) and Coding Strategies®, two industry leading organizations, announced the immediate release of their second modality-specific proficiency assessment, focusing on computed tomography (CT).

CT represents the newest addition to the series of 10 modality-specific coding proficiencies for radiology, which allow users to test their mastery of Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) ® and Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS) code assignment for radiology services.  Additional modality assessments, each worth 2 continuing education credits, will be announced as they become available within the next few months and throughout the year. 

The on-line assessments consist of 40 multiple-choice coding scenarios. Including questions related to;  CT of the head and neck, thorax, spine, abdomen, pelvis, extremities, Computed Tomography Angiography (CTA), Cardiac CT/CTA, LDCT lung cancer screening and more. After an answer is submitted for each question, the user will receive feedback including the correct answer and the rationale.  Upon successful completion of the assessment, users will receive a certificate of completion.  The RCCB is also awarding 2 continuing education units for the CT assessment.

Both magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and computed tomography (CT) assessments are available now.  For more information, or to order the on-line assessment, including group rates, contact info@codingstrategies.com

“Proficiency assessments are open to all coders or aspiring coders, whether or not they have achieved Radiology Certified Coder (RCC) status,” stated Renee Engle, RCCB President. “While we will focus on developing educational resources and continuing education options for the RCC community, we also feel it is important to support those who may be preparing to take the Radiology Coding Certification Examination in the future—or who may be new to radiology coding.”

Melody Mulaik, Coding Strategies President, states: “Coding Strategies is delighted to have the opportunity to partner, once again, with the Radiology Coding Certification Board to provide these proficiency assessments to the radiology community. The assessments will fill a real need for radiology coders who want to hone their skills or prepare for the RCC exam, as well as for managers who want to confirm that their coders’ knowledge and skills are up to date.”

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About the Radiology Coding Certification Board

The Radiology Coding Certification Board (RCCB) is a not-for-profit organization established in May 2000, to promote the highest standards of radiology coding through the credentialing of radiology coders. Certification demonstrates a commitment and interest in providing only the most accurate and highest quality radiology coding in compliance with federal regulations. The RCCB is a fully autonomous entity, independent of any other association or society. This independence allows RCCB to maintain integrity concerning policy matters related to credentialing. The RCCB issues certificates to individuals who successfully meet its standards, adhere to those standards, policies and procedures, and prepare for and pass the certification exam. These individuals may present themselves to the public as Radiology Certified Coders using the designation RCC following their name. This certification is recognized as a sign of achievement and excellence.

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